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Monday, August 15, 2011

CALLI, BORDER CROSSING, TRUDY—Three Book Giveaway from Jessica Lee Anderson

I am beyond thrilled for this week's giveaway! Today, I am fortunate to offer up three books from the amazingly talented Jessica Lee Anderson. Not only is Jessica my friend, she is a talented author who had spent time and effort developing her craft.

I was fortunate enough to blurb Jessica's most recent title CALLI, and I meant every word of what I said. CALLI is Milkweed Editions lead young adult title for fall 2011. Of CALLI, I said,

"Calli captures the moments from youth that remain in our hearts forever. Sweet hopes of family and love, betrayal by those closest to us, good intentions gone horribly wrong. Calli reaches out to readers and fills them with emotions that will leave them thinking about the characters for days to come."

So up for giveaway today are the following three books. I will get all three signed for the winner.

An ARC of CALLI by Jessica Lee Anderson (Milkweed Editions, September 2011)

A hardcover of BORDER CROSSING by Jessica Lee Anderson (Milkweed Editions, October 2009)

A hardcover of TRUDY by Jessica Lee Anderson (Milkweed Editions, 2005)

In addition to my blurb for CALLI, Newbery Honor author Kathi Appelt also offered up the following blurb:

"Here is a tale about telling the truth, about forgiveness, and about making things right, especially for yourself."

And from author Jenny Moss:

"Calli is a very engaging and insightful story about a teen learning to cope with friends, love, and her nontraditional family. I love this book."

From Amazon:

Fifteen-year-old Calli has just about everything she could want in life—two loving moms, a good-looking boyfriend, and a best friend who has always been there for support. An only child, Calli is excited when her parents announce that they want to be foster parents. Unfortunately, being a foster sister to Cherish is not at all what Calli expected. First Cherish steals Calli’s boyfriend, then begins to pit Calli’s moms against one another, and she even steals Calli’s iPod. Tired of being pushed around and determined to get even, Calli steals one of Cherish’s necklaces. But this plan for revenge goes horribly awry, and Cherish ends up in juvenile detention.

Isolating herself from her moms, her boyfriend, and even her best friend, Calli wrestles with her guilt and tries to figure out a way to undo the damage she’s caused. When her moms are asked to take on another foster child, Calli sees an opportunity to make amends for her past mistakes.

Funny, moving, and emotionally rich, Calli is a portrait of an endearing young woman caught between adolescence and adulthood, striving to do the right thing even when all of her options seem wrong.

The contest will run through midnight on Friday, August 26th, 2011.

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And don't forget I'm also giving away:

ASHES by Ilsa Bick (Egmont, September 6, 2011)

Good luck!


Aleksandra said...

Sounds good! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

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Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

Jessica Lee Anderson said...

thank you so very much, Tricia! <3

PJ Hoover said...

You are so welcome!

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But in the form, I wrote Zoe Liew.

Thank you and thank you! =)

Sherrie Petersen said...

You have the best giveaways! I've been wanting to read Border Crossing, but all of these books sound fabulous.

Adva said...

Thanks for the giveaway :)

One question, though: is it international?

PJ Hoover said...

Yes, international!

You guys are welcome!