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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm thrilled to feature today Patti Larsen who is beyond prolific, part of the Indie Carnival, and does sculpture for fun (how cool is that!!!!). Patti is the author of the brand new RUN, Book One of the Hunted Series!

PJH: I love the story idea of RUN! The whole series sounds like a must-read! What made you decide to indie-publish?

PL: Thank you! I love it, too. Nutshell: a sixteen-year-old boy is kidnapped and dumped in the forest in the middle of the night. He has no idea why he is there but soon learns to run from the hunters who are chasing him.

Why Indie? I guess I don’t fall strictly in that category. I’m with two publishers—one traditional and one epublisher. I adore them both and love working with them. The only problem for me is production. I’m extremely prolific, at least a book a month. They just can’t keep up with me! I’m on goal to write fifteen books this year and at most my epublisher can only handle four or five, while my traditional publisher has one. You can see the discrepancy?

Rather than wait and have all this material gathering virtual dust in my hard drive, I decided to self-publish. I hired an editor who I adore, a cover artist who blew me away and am on schedule to release the first book, Run, at the end of this month, only about a week after my epublished debut, Fresco, from Etopia Press.

Time from outline to publication: two months. But I already have the sequels in the same process, so the four book series will be out and for sale by the end of September. And really, having stock on my shelves for readers to purchase is the name of the game at this point.

For those of you worried I’m trading quality for quantity—I can assure you, I’m extremely picky. Which is why I hired an editor.

PJH: What has been the funnest thing about having your books out in the world?

PL: I was invited to speak to a group of fifth graders after their teacher read my middle grade novel, Cat City, to them. I was a little nervous, I admit. Kids are so honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But they were fantastic! So sweet and sincere and, yes, honest—but in a good way. Of course, it helped that they loved it. They quizzed me for about an hour on the sequels, so that’s a good sign.

PJH: How about the most challenging? Or has it all been sunshine and lollipops?

PL: The most challenging has been making decisions about my career. Self publishing in tandem, for example. It’s so hard to know what to do. The variety and scope of advice out there for writers runs the full spectrum with a lot of muddiness in the middle. I finally had to shut that out and make choices that worked for me. It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

And yes, actually. Sunshine and lollipops. Because I’m doing what I love.

PJH: What's the funnest part of marketing for you? Least fun?

PL: I actually don’t do a great deal of marketing. I really believe the best way to sell your work is to write your next book. The more product you have available, the more people buy. Mind you, I love (LOVE) giving interviews. LOVE. Did I mention how much I love to talk about myself and my work?

PJH: If you had to give five reasons why someone should read RUN, what would they be?

  1. There is tons of action. Reid is literally running for his life with very little down time.
  2. You’ll be freaked out, drawn inside the chase. One of my betas had a hard time going to the bathroom in the dark while reading it.
  3. The friendships. The kids Reid meets are as terrified as him but still manage to make connections to him and each other.
  4. For the paranormal aspects. The hunters seem human, but are they?
  5. To get to the end so you can read Hide, Fight and Hunt. 

PJH: Okay, for fun:

PJH: Favorite myth?
PL: It’s not a myth, but the Battle of Thermopylae. I studied it in university. Something about the 300 Spartans (700 Thespians and 400 Thebans) who stood against the Persian army long enough to save Greece… I still love that story and was thrilled when the movie came out. It was fun to tell people it was actually based on a true event.

PJH: Favorite wonder of the world (ancient wonders count, too)?
PL: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You can tell what I majored in, can’t you? I loved ancient history and absorbed as many classes as I could get. There is something so compelling and seductive about the gardens… like a whole different world where anything could happen.

PJH: Fantasy Island or Love Boat?
PL: Fantasy Island. I loved that show as a kid… the imagination behind it always stirred my own ideas.

PJH: Scooby Doo character you are most like?
PL: Scooby. He’s just a big, loveable fur ball.

PJH: Thank you so much for being here!

RUN is available at Smashwords and Amazon.

You can find Patti at:


Angela Brown said...

Kudos to both you wonderful authors for a great interview. I must admit I'm left in a doe-eyed state at the thought of pushing out 15 stories in one year. It would probably be awesome to be a fly on the wall as you click away, getting one great story after another into publish-form.

Kirstin said...

Angela, I get to be that fly on the wall (as a beta for Patti) and it IS awesome. Very inspiring. Plus I get to read a ton of great stories.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Angela and Kirstin. The 15 books a year thing is amazing to me. Wow!