"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Friday, August 12, 2011


It's time again for the YA Indie Carnival, an awesome group of weekly bloggers blogging about the same topic! Wait, you haven't heard of the YA Indie Carnival? You're totally missing out. But no longer! You can check out all the amazing author/bloggers below:

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Okay, here's the deal! Each Friday, because Friday is awesome, we all blog about the same topic. This week's topic?


The path of indie publishing has been such a fun one, filled with lots of surprises. Here are just some of these surprises:
  1. There are TONS of indie books being published. Um, wow. I am overwhelmed by the number.
  2. Lots of traditionally published authors are considering indie publishing (or are already indie publishing).
  3. Though the stigma for indie publishing exists, it is surprisingly little how much I've actually felt it.
  4. I have met some amazing people through indie publishing. Okay, this isn't as much of a surprise as a nice side benefit.
So what's the biggest surprise? I guess if I had to pick from the list above, I'd go with (1). There are a freaking ton of books being published. Every day more come out. And wow. So many of these books are great and totally worth checking out. It's kind of like my eyes have been opened. I have seen the light! And rather that standing back watching it all happen in front of me, I'm a part of it and loving it.

(thank you to Dani for the mood ring Indie Carnival icons! Today I feel purple.)


Natalie Aguirre said...

Yes, it's awesome watching how the industry is changing. Thanks for being a trailblazer.

Shana Norris said...

I agree! Once I started looking into indie publishing, I was amazed at all the great books being released this way. I also haven't yet run into much stigma surrounding indie publishing with my newest release. I think the industry is definitely changing and that's a great thing!

Matthew MacNish said...

It is pretty incredible. It's an exciting time to be a writer.

Heather Cashman said...

I love the idea that what is being bought is what people want. I have found that being so close to the readers has been the funnest experience of all. Thanks, PJ.

Patti Larsen said...

I love this industry--and am so excited to be part of the changes that are happening--we're recreating it in our image, as we need it to be--what could be better?

Amy Jones said...

I agree with you 100% P.J.! It is a great day and time to be an author! :)

laurasmagicday said...

PJ, I think it's wonderful that so many voices are being heard, as you say. And it is a kick to be on the leading edge of the new wave. Great post.

T. R. Graves said...

I know what you mean. So many books and so little time. I want endless time to sit back and enjoy the wonderful worlds created by talented minds. I can HONESTLY say that none of my ‘to-be-read’ books are traditionally published, and I'm seeing the same trend with my non-author friends.

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, everyone, for visiting! I kind of love this whole indie movement. It feels so exciting and fresh :)