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Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm honored to be part of the blog tour for Greg's release! But I need to start out by mentioning my son devoured this book.

GALAXY GAMES: THE CHALLENGERS by Greg R. Fishbone (Lee & Low, September 2011)

So let's see...my son is 10 years old and digs sci-fi and fantasy. He also loved Greg's previous book, SEPTINA NASH AND THE PENGUINS OF DOOM (loved it as in read it multiple times).

So his recommendation...BUY IT NOW!

But before Greg's guest blog (below), here is the blog tour puzzle piece! And the link to the blog tour information!



Stuff Edited Out of
The Challengers
by Greg R. Fishbone

In the process of writing a book like The Challengers, a lot of material gets discarded over a number of drafts. Here are some things you might have found on the cutting room floor...

Chapter Zero Dream Sequences
What do aliens dream about? Apparently, humans are their nightmare fuel--who knew? These scenes were cut because the recent movie, Inception, has already filled our cultural quota of dream sequences at least until 2014.

"What is going on here?" M'Frozza demanded.

"What, indeed." At the front of the room stood a type of creature M'Frozza had never seen before. Two legs supported its body on a pair of feet wrapped in leather shoes, two arms were folded across its chest, and a single head sprouted from the top of its torso. Strangest of all was the creature's skin, which hardly seemed slimy or sticky at all.

"Mr. Smith?" M'Frozza guessed.

"Take your seat, Miss M'Frozza. You now have less than five minutes in which to complete . . . this hour-long exam!"

M'Frozza remained on her foot-tentacles. "Even if I understood those measurements of time, I am not a member of this class."

"You are. You merely forgot. Very embarrassing, wouldn't you say?" Mr. Smith's pink mouth widened to display two rows of white teeth.

"My father-parent employs a private tutor for me," M'Frozza explained. "I have never attended a formal school."

"Oh." Mr. Smith's grin vanished. "But you still must be embarrassed . . . since you came to class completely naked!" He pointed an accusing finger and looked around the classroom, as if signaling for a session of taunting. Instead, the other students merely blinked in confusion.

"We are all Mrendarians here," M'Frozza stated. "Clothing would interfere with our natural skin secretions."

El Gatito's Story
While the world seemed to be coming to an end. we might have caught one last wrestling match between El Gatito and La Araña. Of course, our cat-eared hero would have come out on top. Was there ever any doubt?

El Jaguar nodded. "All right, then let's begin. Your first opponent is a little younger and smaller than you but also more experienced, so it should be a fairly even match. Her name is La Araña."

El Gatito looked over at the other corner of the wrestling ring, at a girl who wore a furry brown mask with spider legs dangling from the sides of it. The girl smiled at him and waved.

"El Gatito can not fight a girl," the masked boy stated.

El Jaguar scowled in annoyance. "Listen up, Kitten Boy. Do you think it was easy for me to find anyone to spar with a skinny cat-head like you? Especially one day before the end of the world? That girl is the daughter of a famous luchador. She has been training in Lucha Libre for almost three years. She has mastered many holds and techniques, and she deserves your respect."

"You did not let El Gatito finish his sentence," said the masked boy. "El Gatito can not fight a girl when her right shoelace is untied. It would not be sporting."

Felix's Story
In a world without hope, a lone reporter files an uplifting piece about the power of the human spirit. It's hard to do justice to Felix Hoffmann in scenes with so many other kids, but on his own he really does shine.

"What could your team mascot have possibly said to keep all your players from giving up?"

Coach Hoffmann laughed. "If you'd really met him, you'd know. Not even the end of the world can dampen that boy's enthusiasm, and he tends to rub off on others. Felix gave the players a speech about how they should go out in a blaze of glory while doing something they loved. Then he did the same thing for the other team, just in case they were thinking of quitting as well. Now all the players' families are flocking to Munich as if this were the game of the century."

A new story began to form in Frau Schreiber's brain: "In a time of crisis and uncertainty, one young boy dared to stand up and defy the forces of death and devastation. Felix Hoffmann, team mascot of the Monarchs, rallied the boys of Frankfurt for one final time in a game where victory was achieved by merely taking the field. When young Felix grows up—"

Frau Schreiber frowned and tried again: "When young Felix grows up...if young Felix grows up...had young Felix been allowed to grow up..." She sighed and rubbed her throbbing forehead. Felix would never grow up, because of the killer asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

Ling-Wa's Story
Ling's red boots are legendary in the annals of kid sports, but what's the story behind the famous footwear? In these deleted scenes, Ling took a long road trip across China with a girl who, at first, absolutely hated her guts.

"Stop feeling so sorry for yourself," said Ling.

"How else should I feel?" Mei shot back. "The world is about to end and I'm stuck in a train station with you! I'm tired, I'm hungry, my nose is runny, and I can't even afford a pack of tissues!"

Ling sat up and stretched her arms. Then she stood and stretched her legs. Then she bent down to touch her toes.

"What are you doing?" asked Mei.

"You wanted money, didn't you?" Ling straightened up, put her arms above her head, and started humming one of the songs used for floor routines at Master Wan's.

"You can't do a tumbling routine here," said Mei. "There are no springs or pads—if you fall, you'll break your neck!"

Ling was beyond listening. She launched into a double twist which flowed into a forward roll. She ended up back on her feet without missing a note of her hummed melody. Train passengers moved back to give her room. Men, women, and children watched with rapt attention as Ling performed more and more complicated combinations.

Mei held out her hat again. "Who wants to help a pair of stranded gymnasts?" she asked. This time, people dropped bills and coins into the hat until it overflowed.

Weez's Story
Looking back on these scenes, part of me really wishes Weez could have been the first one to meet M'Frozza instead of Tyler. What a wacky universe that would have been!

On the radio, an astrophysicist at the University of São Paulo told an interviewer that the alien ship's arrival was the greatest moment of his life. His voice choked up as he spoke.

"He wouldn't be so happy about it if aliens had taken his brother," Weez remarked. "Everyone's acting like this is the first time aliens have visited us, but it's so obvious they've been here before."

"Right. When they abducted your brother."

"No, not just then. Do you know how many people have seen mysterious lights in the sky? How many claim to have been abducted? How many lose track of hours or days and then find tracking devices implanted in their necks?"

"Not very many," Matheus answered.

Weez sat up straight. "What's the matter with you? I thought you were a believer!"

"I believe you," said Matheus. "That doesn't mean I have to believe all those other stories too."

As fun as these deleted scenes can be, I think you'll also enjoy the stuff that actually did make it into the book!


From Amazon:

Things are looking up for Tyler Sato (literally!) as he and his friends scan the night sky for a star named for him by his Tokyo cousins in honor of his eleventh birthday. Ordinary stars tend to stay in one place, but Ty's seems to be streaking directly toward Earth at an alarming rate. Soon the whole world is talking about TY SATO, the doomsday asteroid, and life is turned upside down for Ty Sato, the boy, who would rather be playing hoops in his best friend's driveway.

Meanwhile, aboard a silver spaceship heading for Earth, M'Frozza, a girl with three eyes and five nose holes, is on a secret mission. M'Frozza is the captain of planet Mrendaria's Galaxy Games team, and she is desperate to save her world from a dishonorable performance in the biggest sporting event in the universe.

What will happen when Ty meets M'Frozza? Get ready for the most important event in human history--it's off the backboard, around the rim, and out of this world!

Source of book: From publisher at ALA


Miriam Forster said...

These books sound amazing. I'm definitely noting them for future presents for my nephew. :)

PJ Hoover said...

They will love them, Miriam!

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