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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Happy Holidays!

So you know a writer and you aren't sure what to get him or her for the holidays? Look no more! We here at THE PLACE, being (those that chimed in) E. Kristin Anderson, Jenny Moss, Cory Putman Oakes, Colleen Conrad, Jessica Lee Anderson, Bethany Hegedus, and ME, have chimed in to help you in your gift search!

We give you...

THE TOP TEN GIFTS FOR WRITERS (which, we realize, is a bit more than 10)

1) Offer to babysit if they have kids so that they can go to THE PLACE and write.

2) Massage/Spa day, because all that hunching over lap tops makes our backs hurt.

3) SCBWI/RWA/etc conference attendance.

4) Bookshelves. Because you don't know what books they already have, but you know they have a lot and need more space for them!

5) Fingerless gloves, especially here in Texas--it's so hot all the time, we don't know the heater's broken until that ONE DAY it dips below freezing. And then our fingers are ice, and typing is torture.

6) Coffee. French press, espresso, regular old drip. Also, wine.

7) Fancy file folders, pretty post-its, a 10-pack of Sharpie highlighters, and more colored pens than you think a human could possibly use. Then, at least we'll have nice stuff to look at when revision is (supposed to be) happening.

8) A special pen for signing books (although I always forget mine)

9) A gift certificate to bookstore to buy research/craft books

10) A copy of Scrivener

11) Nice versions of common desk reference books: dictionary, thesaurus, Chicago Manual, etc

12) Small, snazzy notebooks for jotting down story ideas

13) Rare editions of books they find inspirational and/or their favorite books

14) A comfy shawl/small blanket for chilly writing days

15) An intravenous coffee drip

16) Coupons for "Guilt Free Twitter/Social Media Time" for promotion

17) A nice, honest review of one of their books on Amazon/Goodreads/etc

18) Health insurance

19) A muse

20) CDs and/or iTunes giftcards (music fuels inspiration!)

21) Mugs and pint glasses

22) File folders, labels, accordion folders, etc. to assist with organization

23) Fancy tea samplers

24) A comfy desk chair

25) A flash drive

26) A writing retreat (doesn't have to be fancypants)

27) Bottles of Excedrin Migraine

28) A subscription to a fancy magazine--New Yorker, Hunger Mountain

29) Slipper socks

30) PJs that feel good to write in

31) A tech class

32) Book bouquets ala Stephanie Pellegrin! (or etsy)

33) Buying your book as a gift for everyone on their holiday list!

Hope your holiday is great :)


Jessica Lee Anderson said...

Oh, how I love this list and adore the folks who created it!


Yes, please. One of each. : )

PJ Hoover said...

Me, too, Jessica!

Yes, Demetra! in the mail! and I got my necklaces!

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I'd also like to request more time and lots more chocolate (without it going to my thighs). Although, I'd also be thrilled by the coffee, wine and Star Trek flash drives.

PJ Hoover said...

Sam, your ideas are perfect!

Nora MacFarlane said...

Oh yes! More chocolate.... and a winning lottery ticket so I can afford to write all day. :)

Ron @ TOGBlog.com said...

Greetings from Southern California.

I am your newest follower.

Take care and have a Nice Day :-)