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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

FEATURING: Bethany Hegedus and The Writing Barn

The Writing Barn...what is it?

Maybe you've heard me mention writing there with some of my writing pals. Or maybe you've heard me mention going to the book release party for Jeff Crosby and Shelley Jackson complete with an entire herd of miniature horses. (Are horses in a herd? What is a group of tiny, tiny little ponies called?) Anyway...

...today I want to talk a bit more about what The Writing Barn really is and why you might want to have your next event there. See, Bethany Hegedus and her fiance (soon to be husband) own The Writing Barn. Yes, it really used to be a barn, complete with a horse (not a miniature). But Bethany got the great idea to remodel the place and turn it into the most happening location in Austin for all kinds of events (not just writing). We're talking retreats, workshops, weddings, bed & breakfast. You get the idea.

So today, with the help of Bethany Hegedus herself, are


10. We have comfy workshop chairs. (All the better to keep the butt in the chair)

9. When in need of inspiration, pull a craft book or a novel off the shelf.

8. The workshop space and screened in deck become a party space, with the right lights, music, good food and friends.

7. The instructor can stay overnight in The Barn apartment--providing ease at the end of a long workshop day.

6. The Live Oaks add an ambiance only Mother Nature could provide.

5. We have a fully stocked event cabinet with wine glasses, pitchers, coffee mugs, buffet plates.

4. Buddhas smile down from the shelves. If lucky, the novel will write itself.

3. Access the free WiFi or pretend the internet doesn't exist. Your choice.

2. You never know when the deer will walk by. (Yesterday, Bethany counted 8. They especially like to wander in the mid-morning and near dusk.)

1. You feel like you've left the city without leaving Austin City Limits.

Interested yet? You can get the full scoop and contact Bethany through The Writing Barn website. And make sure, if you have a retreat, to invite me, pretty please!

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