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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SNAKE TALKER By Anna-Maria Crum

I totally read this book on the recommendation of fellow Enchanted Inkpot Inkie Hilari Bell (can I say that I had no clue how many books Hilari has written), and this is what I love about getting recommendations from friends:
You come across the most amazing books that you otherwise might never have even heard of.

SNAKE TALKER by Anna-Maria Crum (September 7, 2011)


Well, it's kind of like a science fiction fantasy western set in the desert. Yeah, I know. You're thinking that's a lot of genres. But the great combination makes for a totally intriguing and fun story.

Five things to recommend SNAKE TALKER:

1) It is funny. Like laugh out loud. From the first page until the end, I found myself relaxing into the humor of the main character's voice. He has that sarcastic wit about him that is endearing.

2) It's clever. Like when I talk about the cross genres. I have this special place in my heart for books that are science fiction yet have a fantasy feel, and SNAKE TALKER does the trick.

3) The main female character is not to be ignored. There is not a chance she's slipping to the background. She asserts herself in the story and never lets herself be trod* on. And it's fun to watch how the main guy character reacts to her confident manner.

4) It has fun romance. Because even though you know the guy and girl will get together, the author makes it a funny and enjoyable experience. I kind of adore their relationship. Makes me want to be along for the ride.

5) It's so nice and different and unique from so many other books in the marketplace. I love that. It's a page turner and never left me bored for even a second, and it felt fresh.

I'd totally recommend this one for boys and girls, 9th grade and up.

Source of book: From author by request

From Goodreads:

It should have been an easy scam. King murdered, rumors of a legitimate heir hidden at birth, a secret fortune. But 18 yr old Griz discovers impersonating the lost heir could have deadly consequences when he is kidnapped and taken to Habu. Only the true heir can access the source of all power. So what's a scammer to do when going on with the scam will get you killed? Become a hero, of course.

*We had a debate at home as to whether this should be trod or trodden. It seems both are acceptable...


TerryLynnJohnson said...

ooh, sounds like a fantastic read. I do love me some snakes! Thank you! I'm heading off to find it now.

PJ Hoover said...

It was really fun, Terry! I think you would like it!

Thanks for stopping by!