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Thursday, April 26, 2012

THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss

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THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss (DAW, 2007)

This came as a recommendation through ARMADILLOCON, a local SFF literary con held yearly here in Austin. And, so, I've started this new thing where most of my audio book listens are adult SFF (my original love), and most of my paper/ebook reads are kid and teen books. So I opted for this as my next audiobook listen, and was hooked from the first page.

Five reasons to pick this book up TODAY:

1) Like I mentioned, I listened to this on audio. If it says anything about how much I enjoyed the book, it was 25 hours long. As soon as I finished it, I bought and downloaded the sequel which is 45 hours long.

2) The book is truly episodic. And yet, it hooked me completely. It's told as a story, and I found myself sucked right in, feeling like I was right there in the inn as it unfolded.

3) I love that the main character, Kvothe, is so talented and yet so imperfect. He's not proud of his mistakes, but he's also not afraid to admit to them, and he shows them to the reader in the most humorous (or sometimes the most touching) ways.

4) The character interplay is beautifully done. Kvothe meets so many different people and finds himself in so many different situations, and in each one, the relationships with the people he meets are constructed and displayed so well. It's fun and light and dark and deep, and everything I'd like to be able to do in my writing.

5) The world Patrick Rothfuss has created is a world I can totally lose myself in. I'm about halfway through the sequel, and I'm already waiting for book 3 so I can spend just a little bit more time in this world. Everything from the idioms to the monetary system to the rankings of musicians and the songs are well thought out, and even though amazing details are given to describe and show all these things, never does it feel burdensome or clunky.

Overall, this is a book I highly recommend to anyone who loves adult fantasy and science fiction. This is fantasy at its very best. No, it's not a kids' book. And sure, the material is fine suited for teens, but this is truly an epic fantasy and is a true pleasure for those who love that sort of thing. 

From Amazon:  

This is the riveting first-person narrative of Kvothe, a young man who grows to be one of the most notorious magicians his world has ever seen. From his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, to years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-riddled city, to his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that transports readers into the body and mind of a wizard.

Source of book: Purchased audiobook from Audible.com


storyqueen said...

I've heard nothing but great things about this book...and his blog is the most fun in the world to read! Maybe this summer I'll have the time to tackle it ('tis LONG!)and I'm still teaching....


PJ Hoover said...

Shelley, it is just an amazing, beautiful book. The kind you can just sink in to and relax. And I don't read his blog, but I'm totally going to check it out now! Thanks :)

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

I've heard so many good things about this book! I seriously need to get it but my TBR pile is still towering over me D=

PJ Hoover said...

I know what you mean, Michael, about the TBR list! Mine is crazy big. But that's why I do love audiobooks. I sneak bits of them in while driving, and somehow I manage to listen to entire novels. It's like reading books for free :)

Angela Brown said...

I need to make sure I add this to my TRB list. I've been so busy with YA reading that some of these wonderful adult books are passing me by.

PJ Hoover said...

That's exactly what was happening to me, Angela, but I am so happy I've gotten back into some of the adult titles. It's nice to see how different they are.

Dea S. said...

I love lengthy books and I have my eyes on this one for a week now... and then I saw your review. Sold! Now I just need to get out of this house and hunt for a copy.

PJ Hoover said...

Dea, I can't recommend it enough! It's just a thing of beauty. I'm so glad you are sold!

Kathleen said...

I love how you reviewed this book! It was recommended to me by my cousin, a story I told on my blog about beginning to read - oddly enough it was one of my first books. I too thought this book was simply epic! Ruthford is an incredibly talented writer!
Thanks for sharing!


PJ Hoover said...

Thanks for visiting, Kathleen! I was so super impressed with the book. It just drew me in and I wanted it to go on forever!