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Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Yummy But Brainy Writing Contest

Okay, there's a contest the publisher of my middle grade SFF trilogy, The Forgotten Worlds, is putting on and it's kind of epic. Yes, that's an understatement. It's majorly epic!

Here are the basic details, but click on their link to get all the information!


Starting October 15, CBAY Books will be accepting Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery (and any combination of the aforementioned) entries into the Yummy But Brainy Writing Contest. There will be two categories that you can enter: Middle Grade Fiction and Young Adult Fiction. Here’s how it will work:

Phase One:
From October 15 to November 15, is the query letter phase.  Entrants should send a query of their projects. More information on exactly how to do that is listed below.

Phase Two:
After the month of queries ends, we’ll select up to ten middle-grade and ten young adult submissions to advance to the next phase.  On December 1, we’ll notify the semi-finalists and ask them to send us their completed manuscripts.

Phase Three:
On January 15 CBAY will announce six finalists (three middle-grade, three young adult) who will receive a free line by line critique of their manuscripts along with a detailed editorial letter from our contest staff by January 30.

Phase Four:
The six finalists then have two months to revise like mad!  On March 31, final revisions must be returned to CBAY Books who will post their first fifty pages online on April 15, to be voted on by our readers and fans.  This online election will run for two weeks, closing on May 1.

Phase Five:
On May 2, the two grand prize winners (one middle grade, one young adult) will be announced.  Ebook versions of their books will go on sale ASAP, followed by paperback publication of their works about six months later. The Winner for each will be announced on June 1.

But what do you win? Why should you enter?
  • The Winner for each category will win a publishing contract with CBAY Books!
  • The finalists in each category will be considered for publishing contracts as well. Even if they ultimately are not offered one, they will have a publishable manuscript to shop elsewhere.


To enter the contest, head over and check it out! And good luck!

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