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Thursday, December 06, 2012

I Can't Get That Song Out of My Head

Remember when we were kids and we played those songs we loved over and over and over again, and it drove our parents nuts? (my song was The Copacabana by Barry Manilow. Love that song even now).

Anyway, I have kids now, and it is apparently payback time. That said, now there is YouTube and videos to go along with the songs that actually crack me up.

So, as I continue on with revisions, here are two of my favorite YouTube songs the kids have introduced me to :)

(p.s. Toby Turner is a genius)

(the refrigerated pie line is my favorite line)



Rena and Denny said...

Funny! I have a couple that get stuck in my head, too:

1) Theme from Duck Tales
2) Small One

PJ Hoover said...

Duck Tales! nice one, Rena!!!!!

Rebecca said...

My side actually burns now, what is that???

Ha. My kids have filled my brain with this one too. Toby Turner is a goofy genius!

Oh, now I'm going to have the sideburns song stuck in my head until I fall asleep!

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Rebecca! I'm glad someone else sees the genius in Toby Turner :) He's just really fun to watch!
Hope you are doing great!