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Monday, March 18, 2013

Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire FTW!

It was off to the Sherwood Forest Ren Faire this past Saturday. This time I managed to convince a few writing peeps to come along with me, namely Salima Alikhan, Bethany Hegedus, and Sam Clark (our new Austin SCBWI Assistant Regional Adviser). Also it was great in that it was only about 45 minutes away from Austin.

And as always, I think pictures summarize the whole event best!

We walked in and there was Peter S. Beagle signing books. Salima Alikhan was going to fangirl him, but his line was kind of busy.

I was thinking about wearing a costume, but then I figured why have chainmail unless I am going to wear it. And it is SO COMFORTABLE. Seriously.

This executioner was so soft-spoken and did not cut off any of our heads!

It was a dragon wishing well/fountain. Any guesses as to what a bunch of authors would wish for?

 A highlight of my day was seeing Salima trying to climb the Jacob's Ladder...

...and falling! 3 times!
No, I didn't try it. I did try ax throwing which was a blast. I plan to build a knife/ax throwing thing in my backyard soon.

Nothing says Ren Faire like licking your funnel cake plate.

Giant Chess set.
I could not figure out why my camera was taking fuzzy pics. Turns out the lens was covered in funnel cake grease :)

There were lots of these things where you put your head through and take a picture. This one with Bethany Hegedus was my personal favorite.

Also it was fun to go to pretend-jail. Here are Salima and Bethany. They are lucky we let them out.

 Watching jousting complete with fox tail, wizard hat, and feather hat.

 It was starting to get hot, and people were starting to fade. Here are Sam Clark, Salima, and Bethany.

 And me with my two minions.

But we had to stop and eat The King's Nuts.

I have to say that the Sherwood Forest Faire had a beautiful wooded location. It was gorgeous with lots of shade and lots of space.

I tried to walk to Constantinople, but the troops were not up for it. So we attempted Narnia next, but the wardrobe was not cooperating. All agreed upon Austin, and we headed home.

Thanks, Sherwood Forest Faire, for a great time! We will definitely be back again next year! And for those interested, they are open until March 31. Easter Ren Faire, anyone?


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Okay I am beyond jealous!!! This looks to have been a blast!! Love the pics. ;)

PJ Hoover said...

Hey Courtney! I am officially hooked on Ren Faires now. They are so much fun! Thanks for visiting and I hope you are doing great!