"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." —J. R. R. Tolkien

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Looking back at Summer...

...and not quite sure where it went.

Sure, when summer started, I had grand plans for all the amazing things the kids and I would get done. We were going to operating like the perfect machine, achieving all our dreams and goals and have plenty of free time to spend goofing around. We were going to frolic at the pool in the afternoons, the kids swimming while I sipped red wine and blogged. We were going to clean out every junk drawer in the house while spending our spare time building a time travel machine for fun.

Right, so here we are two months later. And how did it go?

It started out great. We stuck to the list. They checked off everything as they did it. They looked forward to playing their xBox and computer after getting all their chores done. They exercised. They did math and read. I wrote an entire manuscript*. Life was good.

And then the travel came...

Virginia, Chicago, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Houston, Houston again, Houston yet again**, Corpus Christi, Edna...it went on and on and on.

And sandwiched in the middle of all the travel, we had ten days worth of visitors.

We saw this:

And this:

And did this:

And this:

The schedules got buried under piles of junk mail in the kitchen. The video games came on earlier and earlier. The floor had dust bunnies (although I admit that this is a common occurrence in our house). And let's not even talk about my blog. I almost forgot what it was called.

Taken at around 7 am.

Yet, we had a blast.
We spent lots of time together, and now that school is about to start (Monday for us), I'm going to miss the kids. And the summer. I'm not ready.

Still, that beautiful siren named Routine looms ahead, drawing me forward with promises of accomplishment. She lists off the things I will be able to achieve. She reminds me that everything works better when a schedule is involved. She tells me that even my toilets will even be cleaned.

"Hello, Routine. It's nice to see you once again."

Enjoy your last few days of summer, my friends. And now, I'm off to play a bit of Wizard101 before it's time to go to the middle school to check out books and football equipment.

* which will be the topic of another post because I kept meticulous metrics

** This is my secret plan to see Joy Preble as much as possible.

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