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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Though mythology is filled with gods and goddesses, it’s also filled with monsters. To celebrate Halloween, I want to share with you my favorite monsters from mythology.


A three-headed monster, part lion, goat, and snake. The Chimera breathes fire, and watch out if you ever spot one. It’s a sign of bad things to come. It’s also come to be used to refer to something very imaginative or implausible.


Sibling of the Chimera, Cerberus guards the gates to the Underworld. Yes, he has a big part in Solstice, and yes, he has three heads. I tend to think that Cerberus, though fierce, is also much like any domesticated dog at home. I’m sure he loves tummy rubs, doggie treats, and playing fetch.


I’ve often thought how hard it would be to not look someone in the eye. But thinking becomes reality when gorgons are concerned. There are no retakes. One look, and you’re turned into stone. Terrible and dreadful, their images are often used for protection. In fact, maybe I’ll add one to my collection of Halloween gravestones.


There is such a nice balance in threes. Maybe that’s why we see it so often in Greek mythology. Of course there’s nothing nice about what the Furies will do to you if you’re sentenced to eternal torture in the Underworld. These three gals are the goddesses of pain. And they will never relent.


In keeping with the power of threes (see, three headed monsters, three gorgons, three furies), Sirens round out my favorite monsters from Greek mythology. I adore the image of Odysseus strapped to his ship, listening to their music, wanting to join them at the cost of his own life. And here I thought Stairway to Heaven was a powerful song.

So those are mine! What are your favorite monsters from Greek mythology (or any mythology for that matter)?

Happy Halloween!

*all photos from Wikimedia Commons

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