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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014


So I had a great time reading this one. TRAPPED IN LUNCH LADY LAND follows the adventures of Josh and Patty Anne as they are (you guessed it) trapped in a strange world called Lunch Lady Land. Their adventures are very reminiscent of THE WIZARD OF OZ, with meeting new friends (and adversaries) and finding themselves deep in trouble. In addition, the world around them is edible which made me incredibly hungry as I read.
This book will have huge appeal to the younger crowd, probably 2nd grade and up, both boys and girls alike. Totally worth checking out for those younger readers in your life. I enjoyed the adventure from start to finish!

TRAPPED IN LUNCH LADY LAND by David M. Simon (Cbay Books, May 7th, 2014)

About the book:

Josh and Patty Anne aren't exactly the best of friends (ok, they detest each other), but after they both end up trapped somewhere beneath their school in a land made up of school cafeteria food, they quickly learn they have to work together if they want to survive. With the help of some unusual friends they meet along the way, the two must brave countless dangers unlike anything in the normal world. If they can survive the skybeater, the canisaurs and the tater-tot throwing ladle monsters, Josh and Patty Anne might just make it home alive.

Trapped in Lunch Lady Land was the very first Middle Grade Winner in the Yummy but Brainy Writing Contest presented by CBAY Books.

Source of book: From publisher by request

Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to share with you guys the beautiful new cover for my middle grade fantasy novel,

TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE (Starscape/Macmillan, September 16, 2014)

I've been waiting ages for this book (seriously, it's been seven years) to get published, and getting a cover for it makes it so much more real. I cannot wait for it to come out!!! There is so much to love about this cover. From the Book of the Dead tucked under the boy king's arm to Horus the cat (who only has one eye) to the Shabtis who guard and protect Tut during his misadventures around Washington, D.C. But I especially love the Starscape logo on the spine and the interior of the book, done up cartouche-style.

What is the book about?
Well, here's the official stuff from the back of the book.

You’d think it would be great being an Egyptian demigod, but if King Tut has to sit through eighth grade one more time, he’ll mummify himself.

Granted the gift of immortality by the gods—or is it a curse?—Tut has been stuck in middle school for ages. Even worse, evil General Horemheb, the man who killed Tut’s father and whom Tut imprisoned in a tomb for three thousand years, is out and after him. The general is in league with the Cult of Set, a bunch of guys who worship one of the scariest gods of the Egyptian pantheon—Set, the god of Chaos.

The General and the Cult of Set have plans for Tut… and if Tut doesn’t find a way to keep out of their clutches, he’ll never make it to the afterworld alive.

Can you pre-order the book?
Of course you can! It's up pretty much everywhere, but here are some of the main buying sites for your convenience in case you do happen to want to pre-order (which, if you do, thank you so much!)

Thank you all for your support and for sharing the incredible world of books, reading, and writing with me!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

World Building Austin SCBWI Style

Hey Austin Peeps!

If you find yourself craving something to do this Saturday morning at 10:00 am, I'd love to see you at BookPeople for the Austin SCBWI monthly meeting where I will be presenting on the wonderful topic of WORLD BUILDING! I promise to have lots of great information. And giveaways! Seriously, you could win something. Oh, and did I mention the numerous Star Trek references?

So please come see me!

WHEN: Saturday, March 8th, 10:00 am
WHERE: BookPeople, Austin, Texas
WHAT: Austin SCBWI Monthly meeting - World Building