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Monday, September 29, 2014

NECROPOLIS Paperback and eBook Now Available!

As if the release of TUT: THE STORY OF MY IMMORTAL LIFE is not exciting enough, I am thrilled that both the ebook and the paperback of THE NECROPOLIS (Forgotten Worlds Book 3) are now available with an awesome new cover that matches the rest of the covers in the paperback series!

The Forgotten Worlds Book 3: The Necropolis

The situation in Lemuria is rapidly deteriorating. In fact teleportation between the hidden continent and the outside world has become so dangerous, all agents and their families have been recalled. Although Benjamin is psyched to be living in Lemuria full time, he knows he needs to find his last brother soon. However, between classes, a murderous half-brother, and complications with his friend Heidi, Benjamin can barely focus. Besides, there’s only one place left they haven’t searched—the hidden continent of Atlantis.


You can check out the entire series on my website along with fun extras, a book trailer, and information on where to buy the books!


Thank you so much, and happy Monday!

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